Yogi Heart’s purpose

Yogi Heart’s purpose is to provide a variety of tools for healing, balance, self-awareness, heart & soul connection and intuitive guidance for spiritual growth. Some of these tools are through yoga & meditation teaching, sound and spiritual music, blog writing and inspiration.


I found my path to Yoga through yoga positions but later i discovered how Yoga is so much more than that. Yoga helps me going through hard situations in life. Lately i have been sharing some of these powerful tools in many ways to help people heal, re(connect) with their inner power and find balance in life.

I found home in my current practice particularly with Kundalini and Medical Yoga, which is done in slow rate and in a meditative way. This practice includes breathing exercises, easier yoga positions, sat kriyas, mudras (hand positions), mantras (or affirmations in english as well) and meditation to release stress, center and calm the subconscious mind. Kundalini works particularly with the chakras or energy wheels in our bodies. When our chakras are blocked we tend to feel more stressed or as if some areas of our life are stagnated. Unblocking our chakras with the right asanas (yogapositions) and pranayama ( breathwork) helps the life force energy (prana) to flow naturally in our spine and whole body, boosting with energy and balancing us. Medical yoga exercises are adjusted according to specific needs and are recommended to rehabilitation or other lighter physical enjuries. Yoga is for everyone regardless of faith or affiliation!

May Yoga be where your heart is“: Home in the stillness, peace and love within.
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