Welcome to YogiHeart!

My name is Marlene and i am yogi, intuitive artist and founder of YogiHeart. I come originally from Portugal (Lisbon) and have african roots in Cape Verde islands. Since 2010 i have been settled in northern Sweden, Arvidsjaur.

I am a certified kundalini and medical Yoga teacher (350h) and instructor (130h) with Stockholm Kundaliniyoga academy and Meditation teacher ( 285h) with Davidji academy- “Masters of wisdom and meditation” based in USA. I also hold a yoga training in advanced yoga in Umeå Yoga Studio (50h) with Moa Westman with the intention to teach yoga in a creative way.

Previously i owned a local yogastudio in Arvidsjaur (“YogiArt“) and currently i am a freelance yoga & meditation teacher, artist & sound healer. I teach yoga and meditation in workshops and courses in my current hometown and share my devotion through meditative music, song and poetry writing, photography, etc.) and other inspiration through different social media platforms.

I practice and teach kundalini and medical Yoga, which is done in slow rate and in a meditative way. This practice includes breathing exercises, easier yoga positions, sat kriyas, mudras (hand positions), mantras (or affirmations in english as well) and meditation to release stress, center and calm the subconscious mind. Kundalini works particularly with the chakras or energy wheels in our bodies. When our chakras are blocked we tend to feel more stressed or as if some areas of our life are stagnated. Unblocking our chakras with the right asanas (yogapositions) and pranayama ( breathwork) helps the life force energy (prana) to flow naturally in our spine and whole body, boosting with energy and balancing us. Medical yoga is done in very slow rate and it is adjusted to individual needs and mild discomforts in the body.

Yoga is for everyone! It is the art of finding presence, joy and meaning in simple things. It’s a journey inwards, a genuine meeting with ourselves, where we explore our potentiality, accept and love ourselves as we are. “

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