Welcome to YogiHeart!

Yoga is the art of finding presence, joy in simple things. It’s a journey inwards, a genuine meeting with ourselves, where we explore our potentiality and accept our limitations with Love. “

My name is Marlene and i am a yogi and intuitive artist. I am originally from Portugal (Lisbon) but have have african roots from Cape Verde islands. Since 2010 i have been settled in northern Sweden, Arvidsjaur. Previously i owned a local yogastudio there but at the current moment i work mainly as freelance yoga & meditation teacher, sound healer & artist.

I am certified Kundalini and medical Yoga teacher and instructor with Stockholm Kundaliniyoga academy and Meditation teacher with Davidji academy- “Masters of wisdom and meditation” based in USA. I have a yoga training in advanced yoga in Umeå Yoga Studio with Moa Westman with the intention to teach yoga in a creative way.

Love & Light!
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