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Since childhood Marlene has been an empath and highly sensitive, but while growing up she put it aside because it didn’t seem to fit it in her environment back then. So it was only when she moved to Sweden for about 12 years ago that she began to go deeper within and learned how to manage these gifts and even deepen other skills such as mediality, channeling and energy or light work. She writes about self-love, inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, poetry, songs, etc. You are welcome to visit the blogs with link description bellow!

Poem: “Empire State of Soul”:

High vibration is your constellation

sacred earth is your foundation

the cosmos reminds you of who you truly are

the air you breathe aligns you with your inner star.

Flow in grace in your divine power and will

confident, peaceful and shining from within

let the world know you are here to stay

find your sweet spot, seize the day.

Ignite brighter than ever before

let love flow through you naturally

rise higher and beyond forever more

celebrate life as if no one can see.

The universe is your empire state of soul

the earth is your perfect creation

the choices you make are the only thing you can control

the rest is only law of vibration”.

“Freedom: the art of having things but not possessing them; loving somebody but not owing them; being in this body but remind we come from a much more expansive place; planning our lives but letting go of control- surrender to the divine flow.- Detachment is the key to live a free and peaceful life”.YogiHeart

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Love & Light, YogiHeart

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