Healing tools & Inspiration

There is a divine sparkle within you that helps you to ignite your inner fire and follow your own destiny. All is within. Just listen and follow your heartbeat, your breath, your soul’s song…”

Beside yoga & meditation i express myself intuitively through devotional music such as mantras, song writing, poetry writing, dance, photography, etc. My call is to share these powerful tools with all my heart for healing intention and higher self (soul) connection.

I create a different music genre inspired in spiritual sacred mantras mostly in sanskrit (indian language) and channeled from meditative and nature sounds. My first mantras album was made with zero budget and with my soul in a homemade improvised studio in the heart of my small town in nordic Sweden, Arvidsjaur! Everyone can chant and listen to mantras regardless of religious beliefs, since their intention is to connect deeply with our hearts and soul.

Feel free to listen to my healing music, watch some inspirational videos or visit my blogs in links bellow!

“…and the day you hear your souls song..don’t let it slip away!.”

Music, blogs & inspiration:

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