Healing Music

There is a divine sparkle within you that ignites your inner fire and helps you follow your unique destiny. All is within. Just listen to your soul’s song..”

Music has always been a part of Marlenes life since young age. Although while growing up she caught herself humming all the time and she did not seem to find so many music she could relate to or feel 100% good while singing. Even though she grew up singing in choirs, in some bands (both amateur and professional as back vocal), she never seemed to be fully pleased while singing others songs. Marlene found her voice after a beloved family member passed away and began to connect with meditative music as form to heal herself and even her ancestral line. Then she felt she needed to share her voice and truth with the intention to heal others in similar life changing or challenging situations. She also began to write songs along her journey aligned with the use of meditative instruments.

Marlene creates a different music genre intuitively and inspired in spiritual sacred mantras mostly in sanskrit (indian language) and channeled from meditative and nature sounds. Her first mantras album (“Breath of Life“) was made in a homemade improvised studio in the small town in nordic Sweden, Arvidsjaur! It expresses her devotion in a very simple, raw and profound way.

Everyone can chant and listen to mantras regardless of religious beliefs, since the intention is to connect deeply with our hearts and soul. Mantras can actually be sung in any language as long as the right intention and vibration (or frequency) is there. It expands the mind, transcends fears and tunes into higher energy frequencies (or vibrations), such as those in nature and in the cosmos. Mantras improves concentration and keeps you anchored in the present moment. In scientific studies it is seen that meditating on mantras stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation and recovering, helping you tap into your intuition and creativity.

Powerful mantra for healing and alignment with your inner-light and truth, your divine Soul!:

Healing music does not substitute medical treatment in case of severe emotional illness. It works as a complement, prevents emotional disturbance and develops emotional freedom and intelligence.

“…and the day you hear your souls song..don’t let it slip away!.”

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